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News and Updates: Our new buildings

  • On 26/05/2016

    I first became acquainted with Turkey in 2009. Here there are options for everyone - from the most luxurious offerings in the form of luxury villas and to the most budget in the form of a modest apartment.

  • On 16/04/2016

    If the contract of share participation in construction, the Builder must submit your articles of incorporation, which include reporting on financial and economic activity, the certificate on the state registration and statement on the account in tax Department, audit report, annual reports, balance sheets and accounts for the last three years. If the owner is married, require notarized consent of the spouse to the transaction for the disposal of the apartment.

After receiving the developer's permission to enter the house in operation, the apartment can be sold only in case of signing the preliminary contract of sale. The final results of the challenge are slightly different, for example, some judges recognize the agreements invalid in full, others in part - taking from the buyer's half of the property. Because to get a flat don't need, it can be assigned to specialists.

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